Artist Statement

Kelly Telfer 

Artist & President Telfer Design, Inc.


"I am an artist who is passionate about motorsports. I have raced cars, owned a large apparel company specializing in motorsports (which was based on my artwork), and created paintings and licensed products at the highest levels throughout my career.

My goal as an artist is to capture the emotional memories and the visceral sensations of automobiles in every painting. A large part of this happens in composition, which is why I spend so much time on it! Then, beginning with a rough sketch, I add layers of perspective, form, light, and color. I love acrylic because it allows me to paint fast and big, and to keep adding those layers of light and shadow until my passion for the car shines through."



Telfer Design, Inc. Mission Statement


Driven to express and inspire a passion for motorsports, we bring beauty and joy to everyday moments with fine art and art-inspired licensed products designed for automotive enthusiasts. We are dedicated to paying forward and giving back, to mentoring young artists and to continual artistic growth.



We start every day and every experience with mindfulness, joy and gratitude, which leads to calm and efficient customer service, not to mention an amazing work environment. Our customers experience easy, fast, and reliable service. 


Our art and our employees are all a little bit edgy. And our principal artist is, of course, “crazy in a good way.” That’s why we’re so fun!


2019 WERKS Amelia Island, FL

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